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ASPCA Awards Pretty Good Cat Grant

Pretty Good cat Would like to thank the ASPCA for helping us care for 95 felines

Pretty Good Cat (PGC) is thrilled to have received a grant from the ASPCA to assist PGC in the expansion of their Emergency Medical Care for Unsponsored Feline program. Over the last year, this funding has helped PGC care for 95 felines, and even 6 dogs, in dire need of medical care.

For those who might be interested in being a Pretty Good Cat foster Ambassador, please contact Pretty Good Cat at

PGC, a nonprofit established in 2011, provides safe, loving homes, shelter, food, medical, and adoptive services for felines. These felines would otherwise be on the street or facing a worse fate. PGC is staffed by volunteers. Every dollar goes directly to helping kitties. PGC has had the good fortune to partner with the ASPCA for the last 3 years. We are grateful for this support which has enabled TNR for over 450 felines. The majority of the cats reached were homeless, abandoned, and/or tame or feral kittens who were socialized and placed in permanent homes. From the PGC workers, "Thank you ASPCA and Jill Buckley for your support and for all of your amazing initiatives to save little lives and to all of our supporters and volunteers!"

"Thank you to the ASPCA for enabling us to save so many little lives", Judy Taylor.

Contact Information:
Judy Taylor
Pretty Good Cat
Long Beach, CA
United States
Voice: 310-990-3911