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Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Below are pretty good cats that have found loving homes! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of helping all these kitties have a Happy Tail!

Happy Tail – Yin and Yang

Check out Yin and Yang! We rescued these little two-day old darlings from under a pallet at a construction yard.

Happy Tail – Old Scratch

 Old Scratch, the Ian McKellan of cats, has a new home!

This baby kitten just found her new home!

Stephanie is the proud mother of her new baby kitten! We are in kitten season already this year and there are so many cats that need good homes! Please keep Pretty Good Cat in mind if you are thinking of adding a new family member to your home!

Happy Tail – Bryson and Boomer

 Bryson and Boomer are happily settled in with their new families. We are happy to report they are both spoiled rotten and cute as a button. Congrats to the boys! Bryson and Boomer!

Happy Tail – Sally

 This adorable girl did not stay with us long! Her new family scooped her up quickly so they would not miss out on a minute with this special girl! She is adjusting well to her new family and new fur friends! Congrats Sally!

Happy Tail – Georgio

This snuggly kitty purred and purred until his new family just had to have him. His cuddly nature and gorgeous looks have helped settle this deserving kitty into a loving family. Congrats Georgio!

Happy Tail – London

We are so excited to announce that London has found a home that loves him, querkyness and all! London is doing well with his new family and has not had any issues with his bladder condition. Congrats London!

Happy Tail – Tina

Tina found a comfy spot in a loving home! We are so happy this sweet and cuddly kitty found a home! congrats Tina!

Happy Tail – Lola

Lola the pure bred bombay found a home! She snuggled, purred, and hugged her way into her new families hearts. Congratulations to Lola and her new family!

Happy Tail – King George

The regal and majestic King George found his new kingdom in a loving home! The instant bond between these two was palpable at the adoption, and has carried on through future pictures. We love to see when an instant connection such as this, turns into a long life love for both our adopters and kitties. … Continue reading

Happy Tail – Aiden and Owen

Aiden and Owen were added to a happy family together! Pretty Good Cat is so happy to see that both were adopted to a loving family that understood their bond and decided to adopted both. These loving boys couldn’t have made it into a better home. We wish them all the best and a …Continue reading

Happy Tail – Abba

Abba Adopted :  Abba Now Abba was adopted during an adoption event of ours to a loving family. He is thriving and doing great! Such a happy story for such a sweet boy. Pretty Good Cat is ecstatic at this heart warming story and love to see happy kitties with happy families. Congrats to Abba!  

Annie’s Story

This is a story written by Lawrence Taylor about Annie the cat.