Our Financial Policy


Pretty Good Cat gives it all to our cats and critters.

Our purpose is to build a community that supports the opportunities for kitties to thrive. All of the funds and in-kind donations we receive go straight to their care. To date we have been able to act as an all volunteer team.

Our organization is not about money but it’s necessary to have it in order to get things done so we can provide for the cats we are able to rescue.  Those who donate to Pretty Good Care need to know that we support efforts that directly benefit cats (and on occasion a few other species.) It’s not what you give us. It’s what you give the critters.

We are very thankful for our generous supporters who share our beliefs that every kitty deserves a safe and loving home and a chance at a happy life.

We have an open book policy on financial management. Things are pretty straight forward. Ask us and we will show you our financial statements.

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