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We at Pretty Good Cat believe that one of the ways we can best contribute to the welfare of our furry cat friends is through an Adoption Program. All the cats you see here are very special. They have been rescued from death, or from a life of hardship or abuse. While the first part of their life (whether short or longer) has been a less than perfect one, we will do our best to ensure that they will be loved and well care for the rest of their lives. We rescue cats of all sizes, colors, ages, temperaments, and sometimes with physical challenges – we do not discriminate. We believe every animal deserves a safe, loving home and we are doing all we can to help this happen. This pet store has generously donated time and space to our special kitties because they also want to help them; we are not affiliated with them in any other way.

If you have found a special cat you would like to welcome into your home, please fill out the attached application and place it in the box marked for this purpose and located next to the cat enclosure. Pretty Good Cat will then contact you and review your application with you. Please keep this cover page and if you have not heard from us within 48 hours, please call us at (760) 660-3414.

We ask for your patience in two areas:

1) Please be patient with our furry friends. They are all very loving. They (like all cats) may be scared when they first come to your home. We will give you guidance on how to best introduce them into your household, to maximize the likelihood of a smooth transition. Allow your new cat the time and space they need to adjust and to learn they can trust you. Sometimes, what they have already endured in their life is not known and they just need time. This may take a few days, a few weeks and, in some cases, it may take longer. Change is difficult for cats. Please know they are doing the best they can and just love them. You will be GREATLY rewarded with the love and joy they bring to your lives.

2) Please be patient with us. We are ALL volunteers; we do it out of love for our furry friends. We also have full-time jobs and families and we do our best to respond as rapidly as we possibly can. Every cat you see here has been rescued, fostered by volunteers in their own homes, fed and cared for, and loved from their hearts. Like any “child” one helped and loved for, we want to be sure our “children” go to outstanding adoptive homes. All rescue organizations have their own beliefs and criteria, based on their experiences; please try to understand if ours differs from yours. We ask questions out of love and concerns for our cats – not out of wanting to be intrusive in your life or disrespectful. Please understand what we are trying to do for these cats and not take our questions or decisions personally.

If you are selected as an adoptive parent, we will give you a packet containing great information about cat ownership, health, food, etc., when you take your new “child/children” home. As a minimum, every cat has already been spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccines, dewormed, microchipped and (if needed) treated for fleas – the adoption fee covers this – so your initial expenses for your cats’ health needs have already been taken care of. All that is left for you to do is to love and cherish your new family member(s) and allow them time to adjust

client information

Pet adoption is a serious responsibility. We are asking you to make a lifetime commitment to a cat you adopt. The policy of PGC is to ensure that each person who adopts a cat not only be aware of that but that each be capable of and willing to accept that responsibility – morally, physically and financially. The following questionnaire has been designed to help both you and PGC decide if you and/or your family are, at this moment, adequately prepared to assume the type of responsible guardianship we want to ensure for our animals. Please read and answer each question carefully.


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