As our cats become a part of our families, they also become a part of our hearts. We can tell them all the time that we love them, but they can’t exactly say it back. We can show them love with belly rubs, treats, and warm laps to sleep on, but how do they show us their love?  Although our feline friends can’t say “I love you,” they can tell you in other ways. Some mistake these things as cats playing around, but cats want to share their love too! Look for these signs to see how much your cat loves you and your family!

1.      Your Cat Brings You “Presents”

It turns out…cats are actually great gift givers. Although you may not want a dead animal in your home, cats believe they are showing their love to you. Also, offering their toys to their owners can be seen as a present from them.

2.      Showing Off Their Belly

Cats do not show their stomachs to just anyone, so this is an indication that they feel comfortable with you. This can be seen as them “letting their guard down.”

3.      Your Cat Head Butts You

This may not be a friendly gesture from a human, but cast might be leaving traces of their scent to claim you as being a part of their family.

4.      Love Bites

Don’t get mad, nipping is another form of showing their love. They are trying to show affection…not harm!

5.      Kneading

If your cat is kneading you like a pizza, it’s to show their love. This is a form of affection that they learned while nursing with their moms.

6.      Purr Power

Sure, cats purr when they are happy! If your cat(s) purrs around you often, it’s purr love! 

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